Crimson is a boutique consulting company founded by experienced resources who have worked at senior management levels in large Indian and MNC companies. It addresses current realities.

  • The fact that there only 13% of Engineering graduates are employable in the IT sector.
  • The fact that in most organizations, individuals are almost always working on tasks that should have been done by their juniors.
  • The sharp increase in wages of quality resources at entry level is decreasing India’s IT attractiveness.
  • Many of Indian industry are yet to implement IT solutions designed to support them, because of suitable hand-holding from committed partners.
       .....These are the areas that Crimson targets

Crimson’s senior team has witnessed 70’s with its own challenges and contributions, 80’s changing gears, 90’s adrenaline years that created enough momentum to take it through the decade just gone. It is a team that realizes that while economic and industrial growth are the key development parameters that keep a nation going, managing it is the greatest challenge. It understand that industry has its own set of rules. The basic management however remains of Man, Material, and Money. Ultimately organizations are made up of People and Processes and the way they co-habit creates the difference.